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Waxing Services.

Intense Pulse Light

Uses pulses of visible therapeutic light that delivers energy to all layers of skin. Increases collagen and elastin production with no down time. Increases blood circulation and oxygen.

6 sessions for $500


Produces a very superficial depth of skin removal. Improves conditions such as fine lines, sun damage, superficial scarring, Can improve oily, dull skin, and enlarged pores. Painless, non-invasive, no down time.

6 sessions for $700

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* Waxing cannot be performed if you are using Retin­A, Accutane, or Antibiotics. 

* AHAs or Glycolic Products must be discontinued 48 hours before waxing.

Eye Brow                ​From $15

Chin                        From $12

Underarm              From $20

Full Arm                  From $45

Stomach                 From $25

Bikini                       ​From 25

Upper Leg              From $30

Half Leg & Bikini    ​From $55

Lip                          ​From $12

Neck                       From $12

Partial Arm            From $25

Hands                     From $10

Chest or Back        From $50

Lower Leg              From $30

Full Leg                   ​From $60

Full Leg & Bikini     ​From $80

Chemical Peels

​Latic Acid Green Tea Peel

Smoothes and improves the complextion. Aids in lightening and brightening the skin as it exfoliates.


Glycolic Peel

All skin types

Lightens sun and age spots, exfoliates, smoothes wrinkles, reduces hyperkeratinization and clogging in acne prone skin.


Beta Peel

Sun damaged/acneic/non-sensitive 

A professional exfoliater containing salicylic acid. Loosens dead cell build up, refines pores, smoothes out skin and inperfections.


Vitamin A Peel

All Skin Types

Helps to exfoliate, condition and improve the complexion. An excellent treatment for photo damaged, scarred or aging skin. Contains active vitamin A.


Swiss Brightening Peel

All Skin Types

No down time. Visible results after one treatment. Contains critic acid, latic acid, glycolic acid, mandelic acid, salicylic acid, & blueberries. Improves skin tone, texture, & pigment


European and Specialized Treaments

Gold Revitalizing Facial

All Skin Types

A six step process to slough off dead skin cells. Prevents and corrects hyper pigmentation. Ultra fine gold and mineral particles to fight wrinkles while pycnogenol battles free radicals

50 Minutes $155​

Anti-Aging Facial

All Skin Types

Deep cleaning with enzymes to loosen dead skin, extractions, massage, and final soothing mask

1 Hour $80

Vitamin C Brighting Facial

All Skin Types

Custom facial restores dry and damaged skin. Balances skin PH levels. Loaded with vitamin C.

1 Hour $85

Contol Corrective Acne Treament


Disinfects, kills bacteria and unclogs pores to clarify the complexion and prevent infection

1 Hour $80

Mini Facial

All Skin Types

Cleanse, tone, massage, and moisturize for a quick rejuvenation.

30 Minutes $45

Facial Massage

Cleanse the skin, massage the head, neck, and shoulders, and moisturize at the end of the treatment.

​30 Minutes $45

*Other treatments available depending on skin type*